Mobile Client Login Panel

DDI Guru has written a mobile prototype of its DNS Zone Editor that allows an admin to use a mobile phone or tablet to access and manage DNS records in their Infoblox Grid environments. The App is sill in development and is currently just a proof of concept.

Once authenticated, the DZE Mobile App takes you to the DNS views panel, displaying all the DNS view(s) the user has privileges to.

Mobile Client DNS views Panel

The user selects a DNS view to manage, and is taken to the list of DNS Authoritative Zones within that view.

Mobile Client DNS Zones Panel

Select a DNS Authoritative DNS Zone to manage and the user is shown the ful...


DNS Zone Editor - Zone View

Infoblox customers have for a long time demanded a means of exposing the ability to add, delete, and modify DNS records to power users without having to grant access to the full-blown Infoblox User Interface or UI. DDI Guru has written a light-weight UI that does just that! The DNS Zone Editor is a light-weight UI written in Sencha's ExtJS, the same Javascript Framework as the Infoblox Grid UI. The DNS Zone Editor makes 100% of its calls to the Infoblox Grid using the Infoblox Web API or WAPI RESTful interface.

All authentication is handled by the Infoblox Grid. The DNS Zone Editor...


Road to success

This article outlines 7 ways to improve your DHCP Migrations, ensuring success. The DDI Guru highly recommends these to ensure success the next time you migrate from one DHCP environment to another. Make sure your next DHCP Migration goes off without a hitch by following these simple recommendations:

  1. Alignment Team - Create an alignment team consisting of engineers from the DDI Engineering, Network, Router, Active Directory, Wireless, and Voice teams. Having Subject Matter Experts or SMEs from these disciplines is key because of overlapping up- and/or downstream dependencies that e...


Road to success

This article outlines seven tips you can incorporate into your next DNS migration to achieve success. DDI Guru has used these tips over the years to ensure successful DNS migration engagements to customers of all sizes.

  1. Detail your game plan - You can never provide too much detail when putting together a game plan for a DNS migration. The more detail, the better. A Detailed game plan provides the following:

    • A structured "script" to follow
    • Sequencing of tasks
    • Identifies dependencies
    • Who does what, where, when and how
    • Enumerates backout or rollback steps

  2. Develo...


Skills of a DDI Expert

Ever consider what skills and traits make a DDI Expert? What skills and traits make them more than just adequate, good, or great in their field? To begin with, A DDI expert will require a base level of experience and understanding of the following skills:

  • DNS Software (BIND, Unbound, NSD, Microsoft DNS)
  • DHCP Software (ISC, Microsoft DHCP)
  • IP Address Management (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • DDI product experience with a top-tier vendor product (Infoblox, Bluecat, BT Diamond IP, Alcatel-Lucent)
  • Network Engineering background (Routing & Switching Protocols)

Obviously, the more experience, k...