DDI Guru - Mobile DNS Zone Editor Prototype

Mobile Client Login Panel

DDI Guru has written a mobile prototype of its DNS Zone Editor that allows an admin to use a mobile phone or tablet to access and manage DNS records in their Infoblox Grid environments. The App is sill in development and is currently just a proof of concept.

Once authenticated, the DZE Mobile App takes you to the DNS views panel, displaying all the DNS view(s) the user has privileges to.

Mobile Client DNS views Panel

The user selects a DNS view to manage, and is taken to the list of DNS Authoritative Zones within that view.

Mobile Client DNS Zones Panel

Select a DNS Authoritative DNS Zone to manage and the user is shown the full list of DNS records within that zone.

Mobile Client DNS Records Panel

At this point the user would be able to add new record(s) to the zone. Additionally, the user could select existing DNS record(s) to update or delete. While the Mobile DZE App is not yet fully functional, it is meant to be a POC and an example of the kind of work DDI Guru can do! Does this look like something you want? Something you need? Let me know!

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