About Us
DDI Guru brings a unique skill set in the delivery of professional consulting, engineering, and development services in the DDI space.
Meet the Guru

Meet the Guru

Patrick Piper

I have over 24 years of experience in IT networking, with an emphasis on IP Address Management, DNS, and DHCP technologies. I graduated from N.C. State University with a BA in Business Management and was an All-American in Cross Country and Track. During my early work years following graduation, I took my running to the National level at the marathon distance, by qualifying for the 1994 Olympic Trials in just my first Marathon. Today, I apply the same hard work ethic and dedication that helped me be successful as an athlete to my IT consultancy. I have followed a well-planned job progression, starting as a systems engineer working with network operating systems and routing technologies. I advanced into consulting, where I learned how to effectively communicate and interact with technical and non-technical personnel on various large-scale IP services projects. In 1995, I founded Netlinx, Inc. originally as a systems integration firm focused on small business networking. Over the last 20 years my focus and emphasis has been on providing professional consulting and development services in the DDI space to large Enterprise firms. In 2012, I joined Wells Fargo & Co. as the technical lead for the DDI Engineering team where I lead design, architecture, and engineering tasks as part of a $6.4M DDI reengineering project. In Aug. of 2014, I re-branded Netlinx, Inc. to DDI Guru, LLC, as a top-provider of DDI Engineering, Consulting, and Automation Services company.

What I do

  • Consulting Services
  • DDI Guru offers a wide variety of architecture planning & design services in the following areas:

    • DDI
    • IPv6
    • DNSSEC
    • DNS Security
    • Cloud
  • Network Engineering
  • In addition to layer 2 and 3 network skill and knowledge, DDI Guru offers specialized services in the following:

    • Anycast routing
    • IPv6 address provisioning
    • DHCP relay
  • Automation
  • DDI Guru offers software development in the following automation spaces:

    • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud
    • OS Provisioning
    • DevOps
    • DDI Workflow
  • Integration
  • DDI Guru offers the following integration services:

    • Active Directory Services
    • Asset management & CMDB
    • Change management
    • Security, IDS, and SEIM
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Migration
  • DDI Guru performs migrations of all types, sizes, and levels of complexity in the following:

    • Manual spreadsheet migrations
    • Traditional ISC migrations
    • Microsoft migrations
    • DDI platform migrations
  • Documentation
  • DDI Guru delivers a wide variety of DDI Documentation:

    • Assessments
    • Capacity planning
    • Audits
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Design
  • Monitoring
  • DDI Guru can work to provide the following monitoring solutions:

    • Network Management
    • Audit & Event Logging
    • Passive-DNS collection
    • DNS Threat Monitoring & Notification
  • Reporting
  • DDI Guru can work to create the following custom reports:

    • System metrics
    • Custom Analytics
    • Configuration Drift Management
    • Compliance Reporting

How I got here


I founded Netlinx, Inc., a small systems integration firm. The business focused on designing, implementing, and supporting small business networks using Novel NetWare.


Quadritek Systems, the maker of QIP IP management software, names Netlinx, Inc. as one of their exclusive QAgent professional services business partners.


Netlinx, Inc continues building its relationships by partnering with Lucent Technologies after it buys Quadritek Systems. Lucent Technologies rebrands QIP to VitalQIP.


Netlinx, Inc. assists Lucent Technologies in software Quality Assurance (QA) for the eminent release of VitalQIP 5.0, one of the most significant releases of the VitalQIP software family.


Netlinx, Inc has done business with over 60 Fortune 500 customers worldwide, performing various installs, upgrades, and troubleshooting support efforts.

1999 - 2008

Netlinx, Inc. is engaged by a Fortune 50 financial services firm in support their worldwide implementation of VitalQIP consisting of 200+ infrastructure servers, 1,200 domains, and over 1.2 Million IP Addresses.


Netlinx, Inc. achieves the industry certifications with Infoblox: Infoblox CICA - Certified Infoblox Core Administrator, Infoblox CICE - Certified Infoblox Core Engineer.


Patrick Piper joins Wells Fargo & Co. as full-time resource. He guides the firm as the tech lead for its DDI Engineering team, providing engineering, design, architecture, and development services as part of the firms $6.4M DDI re-engineering project.


Netlinx, Inc. is re-branded as DDI Guru LLC.


DDI Guru designs, builds, and rolls out a new web site for a fresh look.