Consulting Services

DDI Guru offers a wide variety of professional DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management consulting services to the world's largest businesses and in the most complex environments.

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Engineering Services

DDI Guru extends its consulting services with a broad range of network and DDI Engineering Services to its customers.

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Automation Services

DDI Guru helps customers with DDI automation projects of all shapes and sizes in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

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Anycast DNS

Anycast uses routing and IP address policies to affect the most efficient path between a single source and several geographically dispersed servers that "listen" as a receiver group.

DDI Guru has written a six (6) article series on implementing DNS Anycast using static routing, RIP, OSPF, and BGP.

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What's Hot!

DDI Guru has written a mobile app prototype of the DNS Zone Editor
The Mobile version of the DNS Zone Editor supports secure access to the Infoblox Grid over HTTPS.
DNS Views
Using the mobile DNS Zone Editor, you can navigate to any of the configured DNS Views.
DNS Zones
The mobile DNS Zone Editor allows you to view and edit Infoblox DNS zones using the RESTful API.
DNS Records
You can add, delete, or modify DNS Records within the Infoblox Grid leveraging the Grid's admin and object permissions.

Featured Product

DNS Zone Editor
A number of customers have demanded a way to expose access to their Infoblox DNS zones without granting the full Infoblox UI. DDI Guru has written a light-weight DNS Zone Editor UI that does exactly that! The DNS Zone Editor is a self-service UI that exposes the ability to add, delete, and modify DNS records in your Infoblox Grid.
My clients
I have worked with Patrick for over a year as we have worked together to merge two completely different IP management platforms and cultures into one. His understanding of QIP, Infoblox, and the DNS and DHCP protocols is second to none. I highly recommend Patrick and Netlinx to any firm needing his consulting services and would be glad to serve as a reference.

Sam Linton Wells Fargo & Co.

Patrick is a recruiter's honor to work with. He has been a consultant of mine/INT Technologies for our Fortune 100 clients. His work is continuously complimented by hiring managers and other key stakeholders on his projects. Patrick is technically diverse and has a passion for technology and his profession. He is reliable, self efficient and goal oriented. Patrick is a true asset to any team and organization.

Tamara Maloney INT Techologies

I have had a number of opportunities to employee Patrick in the performance of work for key customers. Patrick has an excellent command of various technologies that any small or large company might have need of, including LAN, WAN, system administration, database, scripting, DNS, DHCP, and many more that are too numerous to mention. Patrick's standards and quality of work are impeccable and are what I would consider to be at the very top of his profession. He has the unique ability to quickly grasp the layout of any task assigned and provide not only recommendations, but also the ability to perform and execute the tasks. His integrity is beyond reproach. I give Patrick my highest possible recommendation.

Don Galaska Alcatel-Lucent

I worked with Patrick for 3 years at Citigroup as a member of the DNS Integration team. Patrick's vast knowledge of web development, database technologies, networking tools, and IPAM/DNS/DHCP products make him an invaluable asset to the organization. During my tenure at Citigroup, I witnessed Patrick develop tools that made the entire DNS teams more efficient and effective. Whenever there was a process that was prone to error, Patrick would immediately recognize it, and write tools that would either monitor it, or simply provide more visibility for troubleshooting the process. Patrick is very self-starting, and did not need his manager to direct him in such cases. Simply put, he knows exactly what needs working on, and knows how to perform the work. Patrick also possesses requisite management skills and is able to deal with all people at all levels in the organization. He demonstrated the ability to give detailed technical explanations or high level presentations to either technical personnel or senior management. Patrick is a well rounded individual and this unique skill set brings nothing but value to anyone that retains his services. I consider Patrick one of my mentors and give him credit for helping me learn more deeply about web technology, scripting and DNS/DHCP. To this day, I can tap him on the shoulder and ask him any question, whether it be technical or personal, and he will give his full attention to me and help me in any way he can. I fully recommend Patrick and can be contacted for more information.

Salvatore Cascio Cisco Systems

Patrick and I worked together in the DNS engineering group. We worked on several projects consolidating and/or upgrading VitalQIP environments. He's a great colleague and a great teacher. He helped me to learn Perl and PHP.

Kris Hubert Citigroup