• Consulting

    DDI Guru offers a wide variety of professional DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management consulting services to the world's largest and most complex environments.
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  • Engineering

    DDI Guru's extensive Network Engineering background and understanding of routing technologies enables us to deliver comprehensive, resilient, and scalable DDI solutions.
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  • Automation

    DDI Guru designs, develops, implements, & supports solutions to meet customer specifications and requirements using popular Open Source development languages.
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7 tips for a successful DNS Migration

  • DNS
  • Migration

DDI Guru recommends these 7 tips to ensure your next DNS Migration or Conversion is a complete success.

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Skills and Traits of a DDI Expert

  • DDI
  • Skills

Ever wonder what skills make a DDI Expert? What skills and traits separate them from being adequate, good, great, or the best in their field?

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7 Ways to Improve DHCP Migrations and Cutovers

  • DHCP
  • Migration
  • Conversion

The DDI Guru recommends these 7 things to improve your next DHCP migration.

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Core Network Services

  • Domain Name System (or Service or Server), a hierarchical distributed Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses.
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  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network.
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  • IP Address Management (IPAM) is a means of planning, tracking, and managing the Internet Protocol address space used in a network.
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Welcome to DDIGuru.com

DDI Guru, formerly Netlinx Inc., is a consultancy that specializes in providing customer focused architecture, design, installation, migration & automation services in the DDI space.