On Fedora 10 Linux, you can issue the following commands to mount a remote NAS storage system, such as the Buffalo Terastation family of NAS appliances:

mkdir -p /mnt/samba
/sbin/mount.cifs //buffalo-nas.acme.com/share1 /mnt/samba -o user=root,pass=Pa55w0rd

This command assumes that you have defined a share called "share1" on the buffalo-nas.acme.com appliance with a root account.

NOTE: you must have samba rpms installed for this to work.

While this works from the command line to mount the remote Samba or CIFS, you may want to have this performed automatically at system boot time.  On Fedora Linux, the best way to do this is to create a credentials file for the root user.  Do this by creating /root/.smbpassword as follows:


Next, add the following to the /etc/fstab file:

//buffalo-nas.acme.com/share1 /mnt/samba cifs noauto,\
credentials=/root/.smbpassword,rw,umask=008 0 0

Consult the manpage for mount.cifs to see all the possible arguments and values.