Document Title Date Status AD/Sheperd
RFC 1809 Using the Flow Label Field in IPv6 1995-06 RFC 1809 (Informational)
RFC 1881
(was draft-iab-iesg-ipv6-address-alloc)
IPv6 Address Allocation Management 1995-12 RFC 1881 (Informational)
RFC 1883
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-spec)
Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification 1995-12 RFC 1883 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2460
RFC 1885
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) for the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) 1995-12 RFC 1885 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2463
RFC 1887
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-unicst-addr-allo)
An Architecture for IPv6 Unicast Address Allocation 1995-12 RFC 1887 (Informational)
RFC 1888
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-nsap-ipv6)
OSI NSAPs and IPv6 1996-08 RFC 1888 (Historic)
Obsoleted by RFC4048
Updated by RFC4548
RFC 1897
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-test-addr-alloc)
IPv6 Testing Address Allocation 1996-01 RFC 1897 (Experimental)
Obsoleted by RFC2471
RFC 1924 A Compact Representation of IPv6 Addresses 1996-04 RFC 1924 (Informational)
RFC 1933
(was draft-ietf-ngtrans-trans-mech)
Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and Routers 1996-04 RFC 1933 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2893
RFC 1970
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-discovery)
Neighbor Discovery for IP Version 6 (IPv6) 1996-08 RFC 1970 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2461
RFC 1971
(was draft-ietf-addrconf-ipv6-auto)
IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration 1996-08 RFC 1971 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2462
RFC 1972
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ethernet-ntwrks)
A Method for the Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks 1996-08 RFC 1972 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2464
RFC 2019
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-fddi-ntwrks)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets Over FDDI 1996-10 RFC 2019 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2467
RFC 2023
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-pppext-ipv6cp)
IP Version 6 over PPP 1996-10 RFC 2023 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2472
RFC 2030
(was draft-rfced-info-mills)
Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4 for IPv4, IPv6 and OSI 1996-10 RFC 2030 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC4330
RFC 2073
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-unicast-addr-fmt)
An IPv6 Provider-Based Unicast Address Format 1997-01 RFC 2073 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2374
RFC 2080
(was draft-ietf-rip-ripng)
RIPng for IPv6 1997-01 RFC 2080 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2133
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-bsd-api)
Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 1997-04 RFC 2133 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC2553
RFC 2147
(was draft-borman-jumbograms)
TCP and UDP over IPv6 Jumbograms 1997-05 RFC 2147 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC2675
RFC 2185
(was draft-ietf-ngtrans-routing-aspects)
Routing Aspects of IPv6 Transition 1997-09 RFC 2185 (Informational)
RFC 2292
(was draft-stevens-advanced-api)
Advanced Sockets API for IPv6 1998-02 RFC 2292 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC3542
RFC 2374
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-unicast-aggr)
An IPv6 Aggregatable Global Unicast Address Format 1998-07 RFC 2374 (Historic)
Obsoleted by RFC3587
RFC 2375
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-multicast-assgn)
IPv6 Multicast Address Assignments 1998-07 RFC 2375 (Informational)
RFC 2428
(was draft-ietf-ftpext-ftp-over-ipv6)
FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs 1998-09 RFC 2428 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2452
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-tcp-mib)
IP Version 6 Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol 1998-12 RFC 2452 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4022
RFC 2454
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-udp-mib)
IP Version 6 Management Information Base for the User Datagram Protocol 1998-12 RFC 2454 (Historic)
Obsoleted by RFC4113
RFC 2460
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-spec-v2)
Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification 1998-12 RFC 2460 (Draft Standard)
RFC 2461
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-discovery-v2)
Neighbor Discovery for IP Version 6 (IPv6) 1998-12 RFC 2461 (Draft Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4861
Updated by RFC4311
RFC 2462
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-addrconf-v2)
IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration 1998-12 RFC 2462 (Draft Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4862
RFC 2463
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-v2)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) for the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Specification 1998-12 RFC 2463 (Draft Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4443
RFC 2464
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-trans-ethernet)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Ethernet Networks 1998-12 RFC 2464 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6085
RFC 2465
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-mib)
Management Information Base for IP Version 6: Textual Conventions and General Group 1998-12 RFC 2465 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4293
RFC 2466
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-icmp-mib)
Management Information Base for IP Version 6: ICMPv6 Group 1998-12 RFC 2466 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4293
RFC 2467
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-trans-fddi-net)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over FDDI Networks 1998-12 RFC 2467 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2470
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-trans-tokenring)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Token Ring Networks 1998-12 RFC 2470 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2471
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-testv2-addralloc)
IPv6 Testing Address Allocation 1998-12 RFC 2471 (Historic)
Obsoleted by RFC3701
RFC 2472
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-over-ppp)
IP Version 6 over PPP 1998-12 RFC 2472 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC5072 , RFC5172
RFC 2473
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-tunnel)
Generic Packet Tunneling in IPv6 Specification 1998-12 RFC 2473 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2474
(was draft-ietf-diffserv-header)
Definition of the Differentiated Services Field (DS Field) in the IPv4 and IPv6 Headers 1998-12 RFC 2474 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC3168 , RFC3260
RFC 2491
(was draft-ietf-ion-ipv6)
IPv6 over Non-Broadcast Multiple Access (NBMA) networks 1999-01 RFC 2491 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2492
(was draft-ietf-ion-ipv6-atm)
IPv6 over ATM Networks 1999-01 RFC 2492 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2497
(was draft-souvatzis-ipv6-arcnet)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over ARCnet Networks 1999-01 RFC 2497 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2507
(was draft-degermark-ipv6-hc)
IP Header Compression 1999-02 RFC 2507 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2526
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-resv-anycast)
Reserved IPv6 Subnet Anycast Addresses 1999-03 RFC 2526 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2529
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-6over4)
Transmission of IPv6 over IPv4 Domains without Explicit Tunnels 1999-03 RFC 2529 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2545
(was draft-ietf-idr-bgp4-ipv6)
Use of BGP-4 Multiprotocol Extensions for IPv6 Inter-Domain Routing 1999-03 RFC 2545 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2553
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-bsd-api-new)
Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 1999-03 RFC 2553 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC3493
Updated by RFC3152
RFC 2590
(was draft-ietf-ion-ipv6-fr)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Frame Relay Networks Specification 1999-05 RFC 2590 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2675
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-jumbograms)
IPv6 Jumbograms 1999-08 RFC 2675 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2710
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-mld)
Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) for IPv6 1999-10 RFC 2710 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC3590 , RFC3810
RFC 2711
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6router-alert)
IPv6 Router Alert Option 1999-10 RFC 2711 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6398
RFC 2732
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-url-literal)
Format for Literal IPv6 Addresses in URL's 1999-12 RFC 2732 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC3986
RFC 2740
(was draft-ietf-ospf-ospfv6)
OSPF for IPv6 1999-12 RFC 2740 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC5340
RFC 2874
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-dns-lookups)
DNS Extensions to Support IPv6 Address Aggregation and Renumbering 2000-07 RFC 2874 (Historic) Ralph Droms
RFC 2893
(was draft-ietf-ngtrans-mech)
Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and Routers 2000-08 RFC 2893 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4213
RFC 2894
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-router-renum)
Router Renumbering for IPv6 2000-08 RFC 2894 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 2928
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-iana-tla)
Initial IPv6 Sub-TLA ID Assignments 2000-09 RFC 2928 (Informational)
RFC 3041
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-addrconf-privacy)
Privacy Extensions for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in IPv6 2001-01 RFC 3041 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4941
RFC 3053
(was draft-ietf-ngtrans-broker)
IPv6 Tunnel Broker 2001-01 RFC 3053 (Informational)
RFC 3056
(was draft-ietf-ngtrans-6to4)
Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 Clouds 2001-02 RFC 3056 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 3089
(was draft-ietf-ngtrans-socks-gateway)
A SOCKS-based IPv6/IPv4 Gateway Mechanism 2001-04 RFC 3089 (Informational)
RFC 3111
(was draft-ietf-svrloc-ipv6)
Service Location Protocol Modifications for IPv6 2001-05 RFC 3111 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 3122
(was draft-ietf-ion-ipv6-ind)
Extensions to IPv6 Neighbor Discovery for Inverse Discovery Specification 2001-06 RFC 3122 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 3142
(was draft-ietf-ngtrans-tcpudp-relay)
An IPv6-to-IPv4 Transport Relay Translator 2001-06 RFC 3142 (Informational)
RFC 3146
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-1394)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 1394 Networks 2001-10 RFC 3146 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 3162
(was draft-aboba-radius-ipv6)
RADIUS and IPv6 2001-08 RFC 3162 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 3175
(was draft-ietf-issll-rsvp-aggr)
Aggregation of RSVP for IPv4 and IPv6 Reservations 2001-09 RFC 3175 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5350
RFC 3177
(was draft-iesg-ipv6-addressing-recommendations)
IAB/IESG Recommendations on IPv6 Address Allocations to Sites 2001-09 RFC 3177 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC6177
RFC 3178
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-ipv6-2260)
IPv6 Multihoming Support at Site Exit Routers 2001-10 RFC 3178 (Informational)
RFC 3226
(was draft-ietf-dnsext-message-size)
DNSSEC and IPv6 A6 aware server/resolver message size requirements 2001-12 RFC 3226 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 3266
(was draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-ipv6)
Support for IPv6 in Session Description Protocol (SDP) 2002-07 RFC 3266 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4566
Allison Mankin
RFC 3306
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-uni-based-mcast)
Unicast-Prefix-based IPv6 Multicast Addresses 2002-09 RFC 3306 (Proposed Standard) Allison Mankin
RFC 3307
(was draft-ietf-malloc-ipv6-guide)
Allocation Guidelines for IPv6 Multicast Addresses 2002-09 RFC 3307 (Proposed Standard) Allison Mankin
RFC 3314
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-3gpp-recommend)
Recommendations for IPv6 in Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Standards 2002-09 RFC 3314 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3315
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) 2003-07 RFC 3315 (Proposed Standard) Thomas Narten
RFC 3316
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-cellular-host)
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) for Some Second and Third Generation Cellular Hosts 2003-05 RFC 3316 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC7066
Thomas Narten
RFC 3363
(was draft-ietf-dnsext-ipv6-addresses)
Representing Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Addresses in the Domain Name System (DNS) 2002-08 RFC 3363 (Informational)
Updated by RFC6672
Thomas Narten
RFC 3364
(was draft-ietf-dnsext-ipv6-dns-tradeoffs)
Tradeoffs in Domain Name System (DNS) Support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) 2002-08 RFC 3364 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3484
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-default-addr-select)
Default Address Selection for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) 2003-03 RFC 3484 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC6724
Thomas Narten
RFC 3493
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-rfc2553bis)
Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 2003-03 RFC 3493 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3513
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-addr-arch-v3)
Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Addressing Architecture 2003-04 RFC 3513 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4291
Thomas Narten
RFC 3531
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-ipaddressassign)
A Flexible Method for Managing the Assignment of Bits of an IPv6 Address Block 2003-04 RFC 3531 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3542
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-rfc2292bis)
Advanced Sockets Application Program Interface (API) for IPv6 2003-06 RFC 3542 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3572
(was draft-ogura-ipv6-mapos)
Internet Protocol Version 6 over MAPOS (Multiple Access Protocol Over SONET/SDH) 2003-07 RFC 3572 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3582
(was draft-ietf-multi6-multihoming-requirements)
Goals for IPv6 Site-Multihoming Architectures 2003-08 RFC 3582 (Informational) Randy Bush
RFC 3587
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-unicast-aggr-v2)
IPv6 Global Unicast Address Format 2003-08 RFC 3587 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3595
(was draft-ietf-ops-ipv6-flowlabel)
Textual Conventions for IPv6 Flow Label 2003-09 RFC 3595 (Proposed Standard) Randy Bush
RFC 3627
(was draft-savola-ipv6-127-prefixlen)
Use of /127 Prefix Length Between Routers Considered Harmful 2003-09 RFC 3627 (Historic)
Obsoleted by RFC6547
Randy Bush
RFC 3633
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-prefix-delegation)
IPv6 Prefix Options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) version 6 2003-12 RFC 3633 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6603
Thomas Narten
RFC 3646
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-dnsconfig)
DNS Configuration options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) 2003-12 RFC 3646 (Proposed Standard) Thomas Narten
RFC 3697
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-flow-label)
IPv6 Flow Label Specification 2004-03 RFC 3697 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC6437
Thomas Narten
RFC 3701
(was draft-fink-6bone-phaseout)
6bone (IPv6 Testing Address Allocation) Phaseout 2004-03 RFC 3701 (Informational) Bert Wijnen
RFC 3736
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-stateless)
Stateless Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Service for IPv6 2004-04 RFC 3736 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 3750
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-unman-scenarios)
Unmanaged Networks IPv6 Transition Scenarios 2004-04 RFC 3750 (Informational) Bert Wijnen
RFC 3756
(was draft-ietf-send-psreq)
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND) Trust Models and Threats 2004-05 RFC 3756 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 3769
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-prefix-delegation-requirement)
Requirements for IPv6 Prefix Delegation 2004-06 RFC 3769 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3775
(was draft-ietf-mobileip-ipv6)
Mobility Support in IPv6 2004-06 RFC 3775 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC6275
Thomas Narten
RFC 3776
(was draft-ietf-mobileip-mipv6-ha-ipsec)
Using IPsec to Protect Mobile IPv6 Signaling Between Mobile Nodes and Home Agents 2004-06 RFC 3776 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC4877
Thomas Narten
RFC 3810
(was draft-vida-mld-v2)
Multicast Listener Discovery Version 2 (MLDv2) for IPv6 2004-06 RFC 3810 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC4604
Margaret Wasserman
RFC 3831
(was draft-ietf-imss-ipv6-over-fibre-channel)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Fibre Channel 2004-07 RFC 3831 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC4338
Bert Wijnen
RFC 3849
(was draft-huston-ipv6-documentation-prefix)
IPv6 Address Prefix Reserved for Documentation 2004-07 RFC 3849 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 3879
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-deprecate-site-local)
Deprecating Site Local Addresses 2004-09 RFC 3879 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 3898
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-opt-nisconfig)
Network Information Service (NIS) Configuration Options for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) 2004-10 RFC 3898 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 3901
(was draft-ietf-dnsop-ipv6-transport-guidelines)
DNS IPv6 Transport Operational Guidelines 2004-09 RFC 3901 (Best Current Practice) David Kessens
RFC 3904
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-unmaneval)
Evaluation of IPv6 Transition Mechanisms for Unmanaged Networks 2004-09 RFC 3904 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 3919
(was draft-ietf-rmonmib-pi-ipv6)
Remote Network Monitoring (RMON) Protocol Identifiers for IPv6 and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) 2004-10 RFC 3919 (Informational) Bert Wijnen
RFC 3956
(was draft-ietf-mboned-embeddedrp)
Embedding the Rendezvous Point (RP) Address in an IPv6 Multicast Address 2004-11 RFC 3956 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7371
David Kessens
RFC 4007
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-scoping-arch)
IPv6 Scoped Address Architecture 2005-03 RFC 4007 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7346
Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4022
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2012-update)
Management Information Base for the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 2005-03 RFC 4022 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4029
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-isp-scenarios-analysis)
Scenarios and Analysis for Introducing IPv6 into ISP Networks 2005-03 RFC 4029 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4038
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-application-transition)
Application Aspects of IPv6 Transition 2005-03 RFC 4038 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4057
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ent-scenarios)
IPv6 Enterprise Network Scenarios 2005-06 RFC 4057 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4068
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-fast-mipv6)
Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6 2005-07 RFC 4068 (Experimental)
Obsoleted by RFC5268
Thomas Narten
RFC 4074
(was draft-ietf-dnsop-misbehavior-against-aaaa)
Common Misbehavior Against DNS Queries for IPv6 Addresses 2005-06 RFC 4074 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4076
(was draft-ietf-dhc-stateless-dhcpv6-renumbering)
Renumbering Requirements for Stateless Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) 2005-05 RFC 4076 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4087
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-inet-tunnel-mib)
IP Tunnel MIB 2005-06 RFC 4087 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4113
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2013-update)
Management Information Base for the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) 2005-06 RFC 4113 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4135
(was draft-ietf-dna-goals)
Goals of Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6 2005-08 RFC 4135 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4140
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-hmipv6)
Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Mobility Management (HMIPv6) 2005-08 RFC 4140 (Experimental)
Obsoleted by RFC5380
Thomas Narten
RFC 4147
(was draft-huston-ip6-iana-registry)
Proposed Changes to the Format of the IANA IPv6 Registry 2005-08 RFC 4147 (Informational) Thomas Narten
RFC 4177
(was draft-ietf-multi6-architecture)
Architectural Approaches to Multi-homing for IPv6 2005-09 RFC 4177 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4191
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-router-selection)
Default Router Preferences and More-Specific Routes 2005-11 RFC 4191 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4192
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-renumbering-procedure)
Procedures for Renumbering an IPv6 Network without a Flag Day 2005-09 RFC 4192 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4193
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-unique-local-addr)
Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses 2005-10 RFC 4193 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4213
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-mech-v2)
Basic Transition Mechanisms for IPv6 Hosts and Routers 2005-10 RFC 4213 (Proposed Standard) David Kessens
RFC 4215
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-3gpp-analysis)
Analysis on IPv6 Transition in Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Networks 2005-10 RFC 4215 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4218
(was draft-ietf-multi6-multihoming-threats)
Threats Relating to IPv6 Multihoming Solutions 2005-10 RFC 4218 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4219
(was draft-ietf-multi6-things-to-think-about)
Things Multihoming in IPv6 (MULTI6) Developers Should Think About 2005-10 RFC 4219 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4241
(was draft-shirasaki-dualstack-service)
A Model of IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack Internet Access Service 2005-12 RFC 4241 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4242
(was draft-ietf-dhc-lifetime)
Information Refresh Time Option for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) 2005-11 RFC 4242 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4260
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-80211fh)
Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers for 802.11 Networks 2005-11 RFC 4260 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4283
(was draft-ietf-mip6-mn-ident-option)
Mobile Node Identifier Option for Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) 2005-12 RFC 4283 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4285
(was draft-ietf-mip6-auth-protocol)
Authentication Protocol for Mobile IPv6 2006-01 RFC 4285 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4291
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-addr-arch-v4)
IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture 2006-02 RFC 4291 (Draft Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4292
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2096-update)
IP Forwarding Table MIB 2006-04 RFC 4292 (Proposed Standard) Thomas Narten
RFC 4293
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2011-update)
Management Information Base for the Internet Protocol (IP) 2006-04 RFC 4293 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4294
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-node-requirements)
IPv6 Node Requirements 2006-04 RFC 4294 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC6434
Updated by RFC5095
Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4295
(was draft-ietf-mip6-mipv6-mib)
Mobile IPv6 Management Information Base 2006-04 RFC 4295 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4311
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-host-load-sharing)
IPv6 Host-to-Router Load Sharing 2005-11 RFC 4311 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4330
(was draft-mills-sntp-v4)
Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) Version 4 for IPv4, IPv6 and OSI 2006-01 RFC 4330 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC5905
Thomas Narten
RFC 4338
(was draft-ietf-imss-ip-over-fibre-channel)
Transmission of IPv6, IPv4, and Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Packets over Fibre Channel 2006-01 RFC 4338 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5494
Bert Wijnen
RFC 4339
(was draft-ietf-dnsop-ipv6-dns-configuration)
IPv6 Host Configuration of DNS Server Information Approaches 2006-02 RFC 4339 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4380
(was draft-huitema-v6ops-teredo)
Teredo: Tunneling IPv6 over UDP through Network Address Translations (NATs) 2006-02 RFC 4380 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC5991 , RFC6081
Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4389
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-ndproxy)
Neighbor Discovery Proxies (ND Proxy) 2006-04 RFC 4389 (Experimental) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4429
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-optimistic-dad)
Optimistic Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) for IPv6 2006-04 RFC 4429 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4443
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-v3)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) for the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Specification 2006-03 RFC 4443 (Draft Standard)
Updated by RFC4884
Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4449
(was draft-ietf-mip6-precfgkbm)
Securing Mobile IPv6 Route Optimization Using a Static Shared Key 2006-06 RFC 4449 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 4472
(was draft-ietf-dnsop-ipv6-dns-issues)
Operational Considerations and Issues with IPv6 DNS 2006-04 RFC 4472 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4477
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dual-stack)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack Issues 2006-05 RFC 4477 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4487
(was draft-ietf-mip6-firewalls)
Mobile IPv6 and Firewalls: Problem Statement 2006-05 RFC 4487 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4489
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-link-scoped-mcast)
A Method for Generating Link-Scoped IPv6 Multicast Addresses 2006-04 RFC 4489 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4554
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-vlan-usage)
Use of VLANs for IPv4-IPv6 Coexistence in Enterprise Networks 2006-06 RFC 4554 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4580
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-subid)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) Relay Agent Subscriber-ID Option 2006-06 RFC 4580 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4584
(was draft-ietf-mip6-mipext-advapi)
Extension to Sockets API for Mobile IPv6 2006-07 RFC 4584 (Informational) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4620
(was draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-name-lookups)
IPv6 Node Information Queries 2006-08 RFC 4620 (Experimental) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4640
(was draft-ietf-mip6-bootstrap-ps)
Problem Statement for bootstrapping Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) 2006-09 RFC 4640 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 4649
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-remoteid)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) Relay Agent Remote-ID Option 2006-08 RFC 4649 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4651
(was draft-irtf-mobopts-ro-enhancements)
A Taxonomy and Analysis of Enhancements to Mobile IPv6 Route Optimization 2007-02 RFC 4651 (Informational) Mark Townsley
RFC 4659
(was draft-ietf-l3vpn-bgp-ipv6)
BGP-MPLS IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) Extension for IPv6 VPN 2006-09 RFC 4659 (Proposed Standard) Mark Townsley
RFC 4668
(was draft-ietf-radext-rfc2618bis)
RADIUS Authentication Client MIB for IPv6 2006-08 RFC 4668 (Proposed Standard) Dan Romascanu
RFC 4669
(was draft-ietf-radext-rfc2619bis)
RADIUS Authentication Server MIB for IPv6 2006-08 RFC 4669 (Proposed Standard) Dan Romascanu
RFC 4670
(was draft-ietf-radext-rfc2620bis)
RADIUS Accounting Client MIB for IPv6 2006-08 RFC 4670 (Informational) Dan Romascanu
RFC 4671
(was draft-ietf-radext-rfc2621bis)
RADIUS Accounting Server MIB for IPv6 2006-08 RFC 4671 (Informational) Dan Romascanu
RFC 4692
(was draft-huston-hd-metric)
Considerations on the IPv6 Host Density Metric 2006-10 RFC 4692 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4704
(was draft-ietf-dhc-dhcpv6-fqdn)
The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) Client Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) Option 2006-10 RFC 4704 (Proposed Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4727
(was draft-fenner-iana-exp-2780)
Experimental Values In IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4, ICMPv6, UDP, and TCP Headers 2006-11 RFC 4727 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 4773
(was draft-huston-ipv6-iana-specials)
Administration of the IANA Special Purpose IPv6 Address Block 2006-12 RFC 4773 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC6890
Dan Romascanu
RFC 4779
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-bb-deployment-scenarios)
ISP IPv6 Deployment Scenarios in Broadband Access Networks 2007-01 RFC 4779 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4798
(was draft-ooms-v6ops-bgp-tunnel)
Connecting IPv6 Islands over IPv4 MPLS Using IPv6 Provider Edge Routers (6PE) 2007-02 RFC 4798 (Proposed Standard) Bill Fenner
RFC 4818
(was draft-ietf-radext-delegated-prefix)
RADIUS Delegated-IPv6-Prefix Attribute 2007-04 RFC 4818 (Proposed Standard) David Kessens
RFC 4843
(was draft-laganier-ipv6-khi)
An IPv6 Prefix for Overlay Routable Cryptographic Hash Identifiers (ORCHID) 2007-04 RFC 4843 (Experimental)
Obsoleted by RFC7343
Jari Arkko
RFC 4852
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ent-analysis)
IPv6 Enterprise Network Analysis - IP Layer 3 Focus 2007-04 RFC 4852 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4861
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-2461bis)
Neighbor Discovery for IP version 6 (IPv6) 2007-09 RFC 4861 (Draft Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 4862
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-rfc2462bis)
IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration 2007-09 RFC 4862 (Draft Standard) Margaret Wasserman
RFC 4864
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-nap)
Local Network Protection for IPv6 2007-05 RFC 4864 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4866
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-cga-cba)
Enhanced Route Optimization for Mobile IPv6 2007-05 RFC 4866 (Proposed Standard) Mark Townsley
RFC 4877
(was draft-ietf-mip6-ikev2-ipsec)
Mobile IPv6 Operation with IKEv2 and the Revised IPsec Architecture 2007-04 RFC 4877 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 4882
(was draft-ietf-mip6-location-privacy-ps)
IP Address Location Privacy and Mobile IPv6: Problem Statement 2007-05 RFC 4882 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 4891
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ipsec-tunnels)
Using IPsec to Secure IPv6-in-IPv4 Tunnels 2007-05 RFC 4891 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4919
(was draft-ietf-6lowpan-problem)
IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs): Overview, Assumptions, Problem Statement, and Goals 2007-08 RFC 4919 (Informational) Mark Townsley
RFC 4941
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-privacy-addrs-v2)
Privacy Extensions for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in IPv6 2007-09 RFC 4941 (Draft Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 4942
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-security-overview)
IPv6 Transition/Co-existence Security Considerations 2007-09 RFC 4942 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4943
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-onlinkassumption)
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery On-Link Assumption Considered Harmful 2007-09 RFC 4943 (Informational) David Kessens
RFC 4944
(was draft-ietf-6lowpan-format)
Transmission of IPv6 Packets over IEEE 802.15.4 Networks 2007-09 RFC 4944 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6282 , RFC6775
Mark Townsley
RFC 4968
(was draft-ietf-16ng-ipv6-link-model-analysis)
Analysis of IPv6 Link Models for 802.16 Based Networks 2007-08 RFC 4968 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5006
(was draft-jeong-dnsop-ipv6-dns-discovery)
IPv6 Router Advertisement Option for DNS Configuration 2007-09 RFC 5006 (Experimental)
Obsoleted by RFC6106
Mark Townsley
RFC 5014
(was draft-chakrabarti-ipv6-addrselect-api)
IPv6 Socket API for Source Address Selection 2007-09 RFC 5014 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5026
(was draft-ietf-mip6-bootstrapping-split)
Mobile IPv6 Bootstrapping in Split Scenario 2007-10 RFC 5026 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5072
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-over-ppp-v2)
IP Version 6 over PPP 2007-09 RFC 5072 (Draft Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5075
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-ra-flags-option)
IPv6 Router Advertisement Flags Option 2007-11 RFC 5075 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC5175
Jari Arkko
RFC 5094
(was draft-ietf-mip6-vsm)
Mobile IPv6 Vendor Specific Option 2007-12 RFC 5094 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5095
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-deprecate-rh0)
Deprecation of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6 2007-12 RFC 5095 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5096
(was draft-ietf-mip6-experimental-messages)
Mobile IPv6 Experimental Messages 2007-12 RFC 5096 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5118
(was draft-ietf-sipping-ipv6-torture-tests)
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Torture Test Messages for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) 2008-02 RFC 5118 (Informational) Jon Peterson
RFC 5121
(was draft-ietf-16ng-ipv6-over-ipv6cs)
Transmission of IPv6 via the IPv6 Convergence Sublayer over IEEE 802.16 Networks 2008-02 RFC 5121 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5149
(was draft-korhonen-mip6-service)
Service Selection for Mobile IPv6 2008-02 RFC 5149 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5156
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-rfc3330-for-ipv6)
Special-Use IPv6 Addresses 2008-04 RFC 5156 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC6890
Ron Bonica
RFC 5157
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-scanning-implications)
IPv6 Implications for Network Scanning 2008-03 RFC 5157 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 5172
(was draft-ietf-ipv6-compression-nego-v2)
Negotiation for IPv6 Datagram Compression Using IPv6 Control Protocol 2008-03 RFC 5172 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5175 IPv6 Router Advertisement Flags Option 2008-03 RFC 5175 (Proposed Standard)
RFC 5180
(was draft-ietf-bmwg-ipv6-meth)
IPv6 Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices 2008-05 RFC 5180 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 5181
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-802-16-deployment-scenarios)
IPv6 Deployment Scenarios in 802.16 Networks 2008-05 RFC 5181 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 5213
(was draft-ietf-netlmm-proxymip6)
Proxy Mobile IPv6 2008-08 RFC 5213 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6543
Jari Arkko
RFC 5268
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-fmipv6-rfc4068bis)
Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers 2008-06 RFC 5268 (Proposed Standard)
Obsoleted by RFC5568
Jari Arkko
RFC 5269
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-handover-key)
Distributing a Symmetric Fast Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) Handover Key Using SEcure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) 2008-06 RFC 5269 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5270
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-fh80216e)
Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers over IEEE 802.16e Networks 2008-06 RFC 5270 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5271
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-3gfh)
Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers for 3G CDMA Networks 2008-06 RFC 5271 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5308
(was draft-ietf-isis-ipv6)
Routing IPv6 with IS-IS 2008-10 RFC 5308 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
RFC 5340
(was draft-ietf-ospf-ospfv3-update)
OSPF for IPv6 2008-07 RFC 5340 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6845 , RFC6860
David Ward
RFC 5350
(was draft-manner-router-alert-iana)
IANA Considerations for the IPv4 and IPv6 Router Alert Options 2008-09 RFC 5350 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5375
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-addcon)
IPv6 Unicast Address Assignment Considerations 2008-12 RFC 5375 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 5380
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-4140bis)
Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) Mobility Management 2008-10 RFC 5380 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5419
(was draft-ietf-mip6-whyauthdataoption)
Why the Authentication Data Suboption is Needed for Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) 2009-01 RFC 5419 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5447
(was draft-ietf-dime-mip6-integrated)
Diameter Mobile IPv6: Support for Network Access Server to Diameter Server Interaction 2009-02 RFC 5447 (Proposed Standard) Dan Romascanu
RFC 5453
(was draft-ietf-6man-reserved-iids)
Reserved IPv6 Interface Identifiers 2009-02 RFC 5453 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5514 IPv6 over Social Networks 2009-04 RFC 5514 (Experimental)
RFC 5533
(was draft-ietf-shim6-proto)
Shim6: Level 3 Multihoming Shim Protocol for IPv6 2009-06 RFC 5533 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5534
(was draft-ietf-shim6-failure-detection)
Failure Detection and Locator Pair Exploration Protocol for IPv6 Multihoming 2009-06 RFC 5534 (Proposed Standard) Mark Townsley
RFC 5549
(was draft-ietf-softwire-v4nlri-v6nh)
Advertising IPv4 Network Layer Reachability Information with an IPv6 Next Hop 2009-05 RFC 5549 (Proposed Standard) Mark Townsley
RFC 5555
(was draft-ietf-mext-nemo-v4traversal)
Mobile IPv6 Support for Dual Stack Hosts and Routers 2009-06 RFC 5555 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5568
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-rfc5268bis)
Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers 2009-07 RFC 5568 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7411
Jari Arkko
RFC 5569
(was draft-despres-6rd)
IPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (6rd) 2010-01 RFC 5569 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5570
(was draft-stjohns-sipso)
Common Architecture Label IPv6 Security Option (CALIPSO) 2009-07 RFC 5570 (Informational) Tim Polk
RFC 5572
(was draft-blanchet-v6ops-tunnelbroker-tsp)
IPv6 Tunnel Broker with the Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP) 2010-02 RFC 5572 (Experimental) Mark Townsley
RFC 5637
(was draft-ietf-mext-aaa-ha-goals)
Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Goals for Mobile IPv6 2009-09 RFC 5637 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5701
(was draft-ietf-l3vpn-v6-ext-communities)
IPv6 Address Specific BGP Extended Community Attribute 2009-11 RFC 5701 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC7153
Ross Callon
RFC 5722
(was draft-ietf-6man-overlap-fragment)
Handling of Overlapping IPv6 Fragments 2009-12 RFC 5722 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6946
Jari Arkko
RFC 5726
(was draft-irtf-mobopts-location-privacy-solutions)
Mobile IPv6 Location Privacy Solutions 2010-02 RFC 5726 (Experimental) Jari Arkko
RFC 5739
(was draft-ietf-ipsecme-ikev2-ipv6-config)
IPv6 Configuration in Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) 2010-02 RFC 5739 (Experimental) Tim Polk
RFC 5757
(was draft-irtf-mobopts-mmcastv6-ps)
Multicast Mobility in Mobile IP Version 6 (MIPv6): Problem Statement and Brief Survey 2010-02 RFC 5757 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 5778
(was draft-ietf-dime-mip6-split)
Diameter Mobile IPv6: Support for Home Agent to Diameter Server Interaction 2010-02 RFC 5778 (Proposed Standard) Dan Romascanu
RFC 5779
(was draft-ietf-dime-pmip6)
Diameter Proxy Mobile IPv6: Mobile Access Gateway and Local Mobility Anchor Interaction with Diameter Server 2010-02 RFC 5779 (Proposed Standard) Dan Romascanu
RFC 5798
(was draft-ietf-vrrp-unified-spec)
Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) Version 3 for IPv4 and IPv6 2010-03 RFC 5798 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
RFC 5844
(was draft-ietf-netlmm-pmip6-ipv4-support)
IPv4 Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2010-05 RFC 5844 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5845
(was draft-ietf-netlmm-grekey-option)
Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) Key Option for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2010-06 RFC 5845 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5846
(was draft-ietf-mext-binding-revocation)
Binding Revocation for IPv6 Mobility 2010-06 RFC 5846 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5847
(was draft-ietf-netlmm-pmipv6-heartbeat)
Heartbeat Mechanism for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2010-06 RFC 5847 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5855
(was draft-jabley-reverse-servers)
Nameservers for IPv4 and IPv6 Reverse Zones 2010-05 RFC 5855 (Best Current Practice) Ron Bonica
RFC 5871
(was draft-ietf-6man-iana-routing-header)
IANA Allocation Guidelines for the IPv6 Routing Header 2010-05 RFC 5871 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 5881
(was draft-ietf-bfd-v4v6-1hop)
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for IPv4 and IPv6 (Single Hop) 2010-06 RFC 5881 (Proposed Standard) Ross Callon
RFC 5902
(was draft-iab-ipv6-nat)
IAB Thoughts on IPv6 Network Address Translation 2010-07 RFC 5902 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 5942
(was draft-ietf-6man-ipv6-subnet-model)
IPv6 Subnet Model: The Relationship between Links and Subnet Prefixes 2010-07 RFC 5942 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5949
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-pfmipv6)
Fast Handovers for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2010-09 RFC 5949 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5952
(was draft-ietf-6man-text-addr-representation)
A Recommendation for IPv6 Address Text Representation 2010-08 RFC 5952 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 5954
(was draft-ietf-sip-ipv6-abnf-fix)
Essential Correction for IPv6 ABNF and URI Comparison in RFC 3261 2010-08 RFC 5954 (Proposed Standard) Robert Sparks
RFC 5963
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-v6inixp)
IPv6 Deployment in Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) 2010-08 RFC 5963 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 5969
(was draft-ietf-softwire-ipv6-6rd)
IPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (6rd) -- Protocol Specification 2010-08 RFC 5969 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 6018
(was draft-baker-v6ops-greynet)
IPv4 and IPv6 Greynets 2010-09 RFC 6018 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6036
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-isp-scenarios)
Emerging Service Provider Scenarios for IPv6 Deployment 2010-10 RFC 6036 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6052
(was draft-ietf-behave-address-format)
IPv6 Addressing of IPv4/IPv6 Translators 2010-10 RFC 6052 (Proposed Standard) David Harrington
RFC 6058
(was draft-ietf-mipshop-transient-bce-pmipv6)
Transient Binding for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2011-03 RFC 6058 (Experimental) Jari Arkko
RFC 6059
(was draft-ietf-dna-simple)
Simple Procedures for Detecting Network Attachment in IPv6 2010-11 RFC 6059 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6085
(was draft-gundavelli-v6ops-l2-unicast)
Address Mapping of IPv6 Multicast Packets on Ethernet 2011-01 RFC 6085 (Proposed Standard) Ron Bonica
RFC 6089
(was draft-ietf-mext-flow-binding)
Flow Bindings in Mobile IPv6 and Network Mobility (NEMO) Basic Support 2011-01 RFC 6089 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6092
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-cpe-simple-security)
Recommended Simple Security Capabilities in Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for Providing Residential IPv6 Internet Service 2011-01 RFC 6092 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6097
(was draft-ietf-netlmm-lma-discovery)
Local Mobility Anchor (LMA) Discovery for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2011-02 RFC 6097 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6104
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-rogue-ra)
Rogue IPv6 Router Advertisement Problem Statement 2011-02 RFC 6104 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6105
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ra-guard)
IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard 2011-02 RFC 6105 (Informational)
Updated by RFC7113
Ron Bonica
RFC 6106
(was draft-ietf-6man-dns-options-bis)
IPv6 Router Advertisement Options for DNS Configuration 2010-11 RFC 6106 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6119
(was draft-ietf-isis-ipv6-te)
IPv6 Traffic Engineering in IS-IS 2011-02 RFC 6119 (Proposed Standard) Stewart Bryant
RFC 6127
(was draft-arkko-townsley-coexistence)
IPv4 Run-Out and IPv4-IPv6 Co-Existence Scenarios 2011-05 RFC 6127 (Informational) Ralph Droms
RFC 6144
(was draft-ietf-behave-v6v4-framework)
Framework for IPv4/IPv6 Translation 2011-04 RFC 6144 (Informational) David Harrington
RFC 6146
(was draft-ietf-behave-v6v4-xlate-stateful)
Stateful NAT64: Network Address and Protocol Translation from IPv6 Clients to IPv4 Servers 2011-04 RFC 6146 (Proposed Standard) David Harrington
RFC 6147
(was draft-ietf-behave-dns64)
DNS64: DNS Extensions for Network Address Translation from IPv6 Clients to IPv4 Servers 2011-04 RFC 6147 (Proposed Standard) David Harrington
RFC 6156
(was draft-ietf-behave-turn-ipv6)
Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) Extension for IPv6 2011-04 RFC 6156 (Proposed Standard) David Harrington
RFC 6157
(was draft-ietf-sipping-v6-transition)
IPv6 Transition in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 2011-04 RFC 6157 (Proposed Standard) Jon Peterson
RFC 6164
(was draft-ietf-6man-prefixlen-p2p)
Using 127-Bit IPv6 Prefixes on Inter-Router Links 2011-04 RFC 6164 (Proposed Standard)
Updated by RFC6547
Jari Arkko
RFC 6177
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-3177bis-end-sites)
IPv6 Address Assignment to End Sites 2011-03 RFC 6177 (Best Current Practice) Ron Bonica
RFC 6180
(was draft-arkko-ipv6-transition-guidelines)
Guidelines for Using IPv6 Transition Mechanisms during IPv6 Deployment 2011-05 RFC 6180 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6204
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ipv6-cpe-router)
Basic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers 2011-04 RFC 6204 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC7084
Ron Bonica
RFC 6214 Adaptation of RFC 1149 for IPv6 2011-03 RFC 6214 (Informational)
RFC 6219
(was draft-xli-behave-ivi)
The China Education and Research Network (CERNET) IVI Translation Design and Deployment for the IPv4/IPv6 Coexistence and Transition 2011-05 RFC 6219 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6224
(was draft-ietf-multimob-pmipv6-base-solution)
Base Deployment for Multicast Listener Support in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Domains 2011-04 RFC 6224 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6264
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-incremental-cgn)
An Incremental Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN) for IPv6 Transition 2011-06 RFC 6264 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6275
(was draft-ietf-mext-rfc3775bis)
Mobility Support in IPv6 2011-07 RFC 6275 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 6279
(was draft-ietf-netext-pmip6-lr-ps)
Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Localized Routing Problem Statement 2011-06 RFC 6279 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6282
(was draft-ietf-6lowpan-hc)
Compression Format for IPv6 Datagrams over IEEE 802.15.4-Based Networks 2011-09 RFC 6282 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 6294
(was draft-hu-flow-label-cases)
Survey of Proposed Use Cases for the IPv6 Flow Label 2011-06 RFC 6294 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6296
(was draft-mrw-nat66)
IPv6-to-IPv6 Network Prefix Translation 2011-06 RFC 6296 (Experimental) Ron Bonica
RFC 6312
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-v6-in-mobile-networks)
Mobile Networks Considerations for IPv6 Deployment 2011-08 RFC 6312 (Informational)
Obsoleted by RFC6312
Ron Bonica
Fred Baker
RFC 6324
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-tunnel-loops)
Routing Loop Attack Using IPv6 Automatic Tunnels: Problem Statement and Proposed Mitigations 2011-08 RFC 6324 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6334
(was draft-ietf-softwire-ds-lite-tunnel-option)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6 (DHCPv6) Option for Dual-Stack Lite 2011-08 RFC 6334 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 6384
(was draft-ietf-behave-ftp64)
An FTP Application Layer Gateway (ALG) for IPv6-to-IPv4 Translation 2011-10 RFC 6384 (Proposed Standard) David Harrington
RFC 6434
(was draft-ietf-6man-node-req-bis)
IPv6 Node Requirements 2011-12 RFC 6434 (Informational) Ralph Droms
RFC 6436
(was draft-ietf-6man-flow-update)
Rationale for Update to the IPv6 Flow Label Specification 2011-11 RFC 6436 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6437
(was draft-ietf-6man-flow-3697bis)
IPv6 Flow Label Specification 2011-11 RFC 6437 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6438
(was draft-ietf-6man-flow-ecmp)
Using the IPv6 Flow Label for Equal Cost Multipath Routing and Link Aggregation in Tunnels 2011-11 RFC 6438 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6459
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-3gpp-eps)
IPv6 in 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Evolved Packet System (EPS) 2012-01 RFC 6459 (Informational) Ron Bonica
Fred Baker
RFC 6463
(was draft-ietf-netext-redirect)
Runtime Local Mobility Anchor (LMA) Assignment Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2012-02 RFC 6463 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6475
(was draft-ietf-netlmm-pmipv6-mib)
Proxy Mobile IPv6 Management Information Base 2012-05 RFC 6475 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
RFC 6515
(was draft-ietf-l3vpn-mvpn-infra-addrs)
IPv4 and IPv6 Infrastructure Addresses in BGP Updates for Multicast VPN 2012-02 RFC 6515 (Proposed Standard) Stewart Bryant
Ben Niven-Jenkins
RFC 6516
(was draft-ietf-l3vpn-mvpn-spmsi-joins)
IPv6 Multicast VPN (MVPN) Support Using PIM Control Plane and Selective Provider Multicast Service Interface (S-PMSI) Join Messages 2012-02 RFC 6516 (Proposed Standard) Stewart Bryant
Ben Niven-Jenkins
RFC 6540
(was draft-ietf-intarea-ipv6-required)
IPv6 Support Required for All IP-Capable Nodes 2012-04 RFC 6540 (Best Current Practice) Jari Arkko
RFC 6543
(was draft-gundavelli-v6ops-pmipv6-address-reservations)
Reserved IPv6 Interface Identifier for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2012-05 RFC 6543 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
RFC 6550
(was draft-ietf-roll-rpl)
RPL: IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks 2012-03 RFC 6550 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
RFC 6554
(was draft-ietf-6man-rpl-routing-header)
An IPv6 Routing Header for Source Routes with the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL) 2012-03 RFC 6554 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6564
(was draft-ietf-6man-exthdr)
A Uniform Format for IPv6 Extension Headers 2012-04 RFC 6564 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6568
(was draft-ietf-6lowpan-usecases)
Design and Application Spaces for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs) 2012-04 RFC 6568 (Informational) Ralph Droms
RFC 6572
(was draft-ietf-netext-radius-pmip6)
RADIUS Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2012-06 RFC 6572 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 6586
(was draft-arkko-ipv6-only-experience)
Experiences from an IPv6-Only Network 2012-04 RFC 6586 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6589
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-v6-aaaa-whitelisting-implications)
Considerations for Transitioning Content to IPv6 2012-04 RFC 6589 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6602
(was draft-ietf-netext-bulk-re-registration)
Bulk Binding Update Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2012-05 RFC 6602 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 6606
(was draft-ietf-6lowpan-routing-requirements)
Problem Statement and Requirements for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Network (6LoWPAN) Routing 2012-05 RFC 6606 (Informational) Ralph Droms
RFC 6610
(was draft-ietf-mip6-hiopt)
DHCP Options for Home Information Discovery in Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) 2012-05 RFC 6610 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6611
(was draft-ietf-mip6-bootstrapping-integrated-dhc)
Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) Bootstrapping for the Integrated Scenario 2012-05 RFC 6611 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6612
(was draft-ietf-netlmm-mip-interactions)
Interactions between Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) and Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6): Scenarios and Related Issues 2012-05 RFC 6612 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6618
(was draft-ietf-mext-mip6-tls)
Mobile IPv6 Security Framework Using Transport Layer Security for Communication between the Mobile Node and Home Agent 2012-05 RFC 6618 (Experimental) Jari Arkko
RFC 6620
(was draft-ietf-savi-fcfs)
FCFS SAVI: First-Come, First-Served Source Address Validation Improvement for Locally Assigned IPv6 Addresses 2012-05 RFC 6620 (Proposed Standard) Jari Arkko
RFC 6629
(was draft-garcia-shim6-applicability)
Considerations on the Application of the Level 3 Multihoming Shim Protocol for IPv6 (Shim6) 2012-06 RFC 6629 (Informational) Jari Arkko
RFC 6654
(was draft-tsou-softwire-gwinit-6rd)
Gateway-Initiated IPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (GI 6rd) 2012-07 RFC 6654 (Informational) Ralph Droms
RFC 6666
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ipv6-discard-prefix)
A Discard Prefix for IPv6 2012-08 RFC 6666 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6705
(was draft-ietf-netext-pmip-lr)
Localized Routing for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2012-09 RFC 6705 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 6724
(was draft-ietf-6man-rfc3484bis)
Default Address Selection for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) 2012-09 RFC 6724 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
RFC 6743
(was draft-irtf-rrg-ilnp-icmpv6)
ICMP Locator Update Message for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv6 (ILNPv6) 2012-11 RFC 6743 (Experimental) Brian Haberman
RFC 6744
(was draft-irtf-rrg-ilnp-noncev6)
IPv6 Nonce Destination Option for the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol for IPv6 (ILNPv6) 2012-11 RFC 6744 (Experimental) Brian Haberman
RFC 6751
(was draft-despres-6a44)
Native IPv6 behind IPv4-to-IPv4 NAT Customer Premises Equipment (6a44) 2012-10 RFC 6751 (Experimental) Ralph Droms
RFC 6757
(was draft-ietf-netext-access-network-option)
Access Network Identifier (ANI) Option for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2012-10 RFC 6757 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 6775
(was draft-ietf-6lowpan-nd)
Neighbor Discovery Optimization for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs) 2012-11 RFC 6775 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 6782
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-wireline-incremental-ipv6)
Wireline Incremental IPv6 2012-11 RFC 6782 (Informational) Ron Bonica
Fred Baker
RFC 6829
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ipv6-pw-lsp-ping)
Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping for Pseudowire Forwarding Equivalence Classes (FECs) Advertised over IPv6 2013-01 RFC 6829 (Proposed Standard) Adrian Farrel
RFC 6866
(was draft-ietf-6renum-static-problem)
Problem Statement for Renumbering IPv6 Hosts with Static Addresses in Enterprise Networks 2013-02 RFC 6866 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6874
(was draft-ietf-6man-uri-zoneid)
Representing IPv6 Zone Identifiers in Address Literals and Uniform Resource Identifiers 2013-02 RFC 6874 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ole Troan
RFC 6879
(was draft-ietf-6renum-enterprise)
IPv6 Enterprise Network Renumbering Scenarios, Considerations, and Methods 2013-02 RFC 6879 (Informational) Ron Bonica
RFC 6883
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-icp-guidance)
IPv6 Guidance for Internet Content Providers and Application Service Providers 2013-03 RFC 6883 (Informational) Ron Bonica
Joel Jaeggli
RFC 6909
(was draft-ietf-netext-pmipv6-sipto-option)
IPv4 Traffic Offload Selector Option for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2013-04 RFC 6909 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 6911
(was draft-ietf-radext-ipv6-access)
RADIUS Attributes for IPv6 Access Networks 2013-04 RFC 6911 (Proposed Standard) Benoit Claise
Jouni Korhonen
RFC 6930
(was draft-ietf-softwire-6rd-radius-attrib)
RADIUS Attribute for IPv6 Rapid Deployment on IPv4 Infrastructures (6rd) 2013-04 RFC 6930 (Proposed Standard) Ralph Droms
RFC 6935
(was draft-ietf-6man-udpchecksums)
IPv6 and UDP Checksums for Tunneled Packets 2013-04 RFC 6935 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ole Troan
RFC 6936
(was draft-ietf-6man-udpzero)
Applicability Statement for the Use of IPv6 UDP Datagrams with Zero Checksums 2013-04 RFC 6936 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ole Troan
RFC 6946
(was draft-ietf-6man-ipv6-atomic-fragments)
Processing of IPv6 "Atomic" Fragments 2013-05 RFC 6946 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Bob Hinden
RFC 6948
(was draft-keranen-ipv6day-measurements)
Some Measurements on World IPv6 Day from an End-User Perspective 2013-07 RFC 6948 (Informational) Brian Haberman
RFC 6964
(was draft-templin-v6ops-isops)
Operational Guidance for IPv6 Deployment in IPv4 Sites Using the Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP) 2013-05 RFC 6964 (Informational)
RFC 6980
(was draft-ietf-6man-nd-extension-headers)
Security Implications of IPv6 Fragmentation with IPv6 Neighbor Discovery 2013-08 RFC 6980 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Bob Hinden
RFC 6992
(was draft-ietf-ospf-ipv4-embedded-ipv6-routing)
Routing for IPv4-Embedded IPv6 Packets 2013-07 RFC 6992 (Informational) Stewart Bryant
RFC 7010
(was draft-ietf-6renum-gap-analysis)
IPv6 Site Renumbering Gap Analysis 2013-09 RFC 7010 (Informational) Joel Jaeggli
Tim Chown
RFC 7028
(was draft-ietf-multimob-pmipv6-ropt)
Multicast Mobility Routing Optimizations for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2013-09 RFC 7028 (Experimental) Brian Haberman
Behcet Sarikaya
RFC 7040
(was draft-ietf-softwire-public-4over6)
Public IPv4-over-IPv6 Access Network 2013-11 RFC 7040 (Informational) Ted Lemon
Suresh Krishnan
RFC 7045
(was draft-ietf-6man-ext-transmit)
Transmission and Processing of IPv6 Extension Headers 2013-12 RFC 7045 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Bob Hinden
RFC 7050
(was draft-ietf-behave-nat64-discovery-heuristic)
Discovery of the IPv6 Prefix Used for IPv6 Address Synthesis 2013-11 RFC 7050 (Proposed Standard) Martin Stiemerling
RFC 7059
(was draft-steffann-tunnels)
A Comparison of IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnel Mechanisms 2013-11 RFC 7059 (Informational)
RFC 7066
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-rfc3316bis)
IPv6 for Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Cellular Hosts 2013-11 RFC 7066 (Informational) Joel Jaeggli
Fred Baker
RFC 7077
(was draft-ietf-netext-update-notifications)
Update Notifications for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2013-11 RFC 7077 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 7084
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-6204bis)
Basic Requirements for IPv6 Customer Edge Routers 2013-11 RFC 7084 (Informational) Ron Bonica
Fred Baker
RFC 7098
(was draft-ietf-intarea-flow-label-balancing)
Using the IPv6 Flow Label for Load Balancing in Server Farms 2014-01 RFC 7098 (Informational) Ted Lemon
Suresh Krishnan
RFC 7109
(was draft-yokota-mext-ha-init-flow-binding)
Flow Bindings Initiated by Home Agents for Mobile IPv6 2014-02 RFC 7109 (Experimental) Brian Haberman
RFC 7112
(was draft-ietf-6man-oversized-header-chain)
Implications of Oversized IPv6 Header Chains 2014-01 RFC 7112 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ole Troan
RFC 7113
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ra-guard-implementation)
Implementation Advice for IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard (RA-Guard) 2014-02 RFC 7113 (Informational) Ron Bonica
Fred Baker
RFC 7123
(was draft-ietf-opsec-ipv6-implications-on-ipv4-nets)
Security Implications of IPv6 on IPv4 Networks 2014-02 RFC 7123 (Informational) Joel Jaeggli
Warren Kumari
RFC 7136
(was draft-ietf-6man-ug)
Significance of IPv6 Interface Identifiers 2014-02 RFC 7136 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ole Troan
RFC 7148
(was draft-ietf-netext-pd-pmip)
Prefix Delegation Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2014-03 RFC 7148 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 7156
(was draft-ietf-dime-pmip6-lr)
Diameter Support for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Localized Routing 2014-04 RFC 7156 (Proposed Standard) Benoit Claise
Lionel Morand
RFC 7157
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-ipv6-multihoming-without-ipv6nat)
IPv6 Multihoming without Network Address Translation 2014-03 RFC 7157 (Informational) Ron Bonica
Fred Baker
RFC 7161
(was draft-ietf-multimob-handover-optimization)
Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Multicast Handover Optimization by the Subscription Information Acquisition through the LMA (SIAL) 2014-03 RFC 7161 (Experimental) Brian Haberman
Behcet Sarikaya
RFC 7217
(was draft-ietf-6man-stable-privacy-addresses)
A Method for Generating Semantically Opaque Interface Identifiers with IPv6 Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) 2014-04 RFC 7217 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Bob Hinden
RFC 7222
(was draft-ietf-netext-pmip6-qos)
Quality-of-Service Option for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2014-05 RFC 7222 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 7225
(was draft-ietf-pcp-nat64-prefix64)
Discovering NAT64 IPv6 Prefixes Using the Port Control Protocol (PCP) 2014-05 RFC 7225 (Proposed Standard) Ted Lemon
Dave Thaler
RFC 7278
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-64share)
Extending an IPv6 /64 Prefix from a Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Mobile Interface to a LAN Link 2014-06 RFC 7278 (Informational) Joel Jaeggli
Fred Baker
RFC 7287
(was draft-ietf-multimob-pmipv6-source)
Mobile Multicast Sender Support in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Domains 2014-06 RFC 7287 (Experimental) Brian Haberman
Stig Venaas
RFC 7343
(was draft-ietf-hip-rfc4843-bis)
An IPv6 Prefix for Overlay Routable Cryptographic Hash Identifiers Version 2 (ORCHIDv2) 2014-09 RFC 7343 (Proposed Standard) Ted Lemon
Gonzalo Camarillo
RFC 7346
(was draft-ietf-6man-multicast-scopes)
IPv6 Multicast Address Scopes 2014-08 RFC 7346 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ole Troan
RFC 7368
(was draft-ietf-homenet-arch)
IPv6 Home Networking Architecture Principles 2014-10 RFC 7368 (Informational) Ted Lemon
Ray Bellis
RFC 7371
(was draft-ietf-6man-multicast-addr-arch-update)
Updates to the IPv6 Multicast Addressing Architecture 2014-09 RFC 7371 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ole Troan
RFC 7381
(was draft-ietf-v6ops-enterprise-incremental-ipv6)
Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Guidelines 2014-10 RFC 7381 (Informational) Joel Jaeggli
Fred Baker
RFC 7388
(was draft-ietf-6lo-lowpan-mib)
Definition of Managed Objects for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs) 2014-10 RFC 7388 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ulrich Herberg
RFC 7389
(was draft-ietf-netext-pmip-cp-up-separation)
Separation of Control and User Plane for Proxy Mobile IPv6 2014-10 RFC 7389 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Basavaraj Patil
RFC 7400
(was draft-ietf-6lo-ghc)
6LoWPAN-GHC: Generic Header Compression for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPANs) 2014-11 RFC 7400 (Proposed Standard) Brian Haberman
Ulrich Herberg
RFC 7404
(was draft-ietf-opsec-lla-only)
Using Only Link-Local Addressing inside an IPv6 Network 2014-11 RFC 7404 (Informational) Joel Jaeggli
Gunter Van de Velde
RFC 7411
(was draft-ietf-multimob-fmipv6-pfmipv6-multicast)
Multicast Listener Extensions for Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) and Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Fast Handovers 2014-11 RFC 7411 (Experimental) Brian Haberman
Stig Venaas
RFC 7417
(was draft-ietf-tsvwg-rsvp-pcn)
Extensions to Generic Aggregate RSVP for IPv4 and IPv6 Reservations over Pre-Congestion Notification (PCN) Domains 2014-12 RFC 7417 (Experimental) Spencer Dawkins
David Black
RFC 7421
(was draft-ietf-6man-why64)
Analysis of the 64-bit Boundary in IPv6 Addressing 2015-01 RFC 7421 (Informational) Brian Haberman
Bob Hinden
RFC 7439
(was draft-ietf-mpls-ipv6-only-gap)
Gap Analysis for Operating IPv6-Only MPLS Networks 2015-01 RFC 7439 (Informational) Adrian Farrel
Loa Andersson