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Catch the DDI Guru's Anycast DNS Article Series! This series demonstrates how Anycast DNS works, its benefits, and how to deploy it using static routing, RIP v2, OSPF, and BGP. In our series we use Open Source host-based routing software, Quagga, and provide detailed recipes on how to configure the various protocol engines.

Anycast DNS OverviewAnycast DNS Using OSPF (basic)
Anycast DNS Using Static RoutesAnycast DNS Using OSPF (advanced)
Anycast DNS Using RIPAnycast DNS Using BGP
Anycast DNS Using RIP (continued) 
Next in the series, Anycast DNS - Part 6, Using IPAM Appliances
Version Status Release Date EOL
9.10.1-P1Current-StableDecember 2014TBA
9.10.2bDevelopmentJanuary 2015Upon Release of BIND 9.10.2
9.9.6-P1Current-Stable, ESVDecember 2014Jun 2017
9.9.7b1Development, ESVJanuary 2015Upon release of BIND 9.9.7

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